CAS Art as Agent: Theory & Awareness

Art Led Participatory Processes I
Jay Koh

This module introduces participants through a brief history of artists working in community contexts. It begins with the avant-garde, which emerged out from the modernist trajectory, moving forward into explorations of progressive movements as artists began working outside of studio and gallery spaces, and turning into public participatory, socially engaged and community art practices. The module examines some key differences between works coming out of this trajectory with those that have evolved from the democratisation processes after World War 2.

The module will dwell on the conceptualisation and necessary application of a dynamic, responsive, inclusive and open research and knowledge system to inform a praxis that prioritises practice and experiential modes of working with different others and within contexts. This module concludes with establishing a proper understanding of the fundamental elements of dialogue, participation and the performances of subjectivity within the spaces of the everyday that I will discuss under the concept of ALPP.


Workshops in educational and real life settings




Module supervisor
Jay Koh, DFA, artist-curator, evaluator, author of art-led participatory processes. Founder of international Forum of InterMedia Art/iFIMA. Organiser of collaborative conferences, projects. Advisor MAS Art & Society. Jay Koh has been teaching for over 15 years in Open Academy Programmes.
Jay Koh is artist and curator in residence at the Laboratorio Artístico de San Agustín, CUB-Havana.


Location and Dates
Lasa, San Augustin, Havana, Cuba


(2 E)CTS
MAS Art & Society > CAS ART as AGENT > Theory & Awareness: Art Led Participatory Processes I


1000 CHF

State run budget accommodation and meals at LASA avalaible. Expenses are paid separately.

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