Application Requirements

Eligible are graduate students and professionals working with communities and in participatory and collaborative settings, as well as professionals researching these activity fields. This includes artists, educators, peacebuilders, health professionals, environmental and community experts, NGO and social workers, development advisors and workers, community and art organisers, researchers, urban planners, ect. Admission is subject to the Examination Regulations of the ZHdK Continuing Education Centre.

Application procedure

Candidates have the following application options:
A) Apply for particular modules.
B) Apply for a CAS and thereafter chose the modules.
C) Apply for the MAS and thereafter chose the modules.

Note: Option A will also provide access to a CAS and MAS. When you have reached the necessary 15 (E)CTS, respectively 60 (E)CTS, in accordance with the MAS Art & Society requirements, and submit the documentation of your individual learning biography, you are eligible for the degrees.

Application Fee

Application fee for CAS/MAS: 200 CHF.

Module Fee

See module descriptions. In general: 500 CHF/1 (E)CTS


Instead of paying individual modul fees:
CAS Art as Agent; CAS Practice Based Research; CAS Tools
Each 7’500 CHF

MAS Art & Society Fee

Instead of paying individual modul and CAS' fees:
26’700 CHF