The Master of Advanced Studies in Art & Society provides advanced education for agents working with art in social transformation and change processes.

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Focus: best practices (art in social contexts) and evaluation criteria.
TALK #4 Chair: Alex Tam Hok Nang 23 FEB 2019
WEN YAU Auto-Ethnography. 7 NOV 2018
TALK #2 Chair: Lau Kin Chi 27 OCT 2018
TALK #1 Chair: M.P. Leung 29 SEP 2018

The next expert workshops: Saturdays, 3 – 6 pm
23 FEB, 30 MAR, 27 APR, and 25 MAY 2019

WEN YAU Auto-Ethnography. 7 NOV 2018

Advance your experience as an art-co-practitioner and tackle contemporary social issues through art.

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The MAS Art & Society consists of three Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) programmes and a MAS Project.


For further information please click: CAS Art as Agent, CAS Practice Based Research, CAS Tools, MAS Project.

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Modules focus on and take place in real-life contexts.

Modules are designed collaboratively with local partner organisations, with artists, community and social workers, and researchers.

The modules provide in-depth and/or complementary studies, know-how, and experiences.



Photo credits: Annemarie Bucher, Marc Dusseiller, Nanna Heidenreich, Jay Koh, Dominique Lämmli, Lau Kin Chi.