Advanced Studies in Art & Society for everyone working with art in social transformation and change processes:

artists, social, health and educational workers, managers of outreach programms, curators ...

Increase your knowledge on best practices, on working with action & research, professionalize your skills on social entrepreneurship know-how.

Next research workshops will be in February 2020 (video conferencing). More information here on this page by late November 2019.

Have a look at our previous courses to get a sense of our well-reviewed, practice led, and hands-on contents. From 2018 to 2019 we had been collaborating with the Zurich University of the Arts. From autumn 2019 onwards FOA-FLUX organises the courses independently, occasionally partnering with other organisations.

The 2018 course documentations will be available here soon as well.

Lau Kin Chi on “Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster.”

Leung Mee Ping, Lau Kin Chi, Yang Yeung, Alex Tam Hok Nang, Jay Koh, Him Lo and guests: Expert workshops on the evaluation criteria for art in social contexts with a focus on how to evaluate best practices. More

Solomon Prakash on “Social Entrepreneurship.”

Wen Yau on “Performing auto-ethnography.”