CAS Art as Agent: Apprenticeship

Independent Publishing Collectives
Tamara Maggi, Rada Leu, Milenko Lazić (Material)

Self-publishing or Independent-publishing: MATERIAL is specialized in publications without the involvement of an established publisher. The author therefore controls the entire process, including the design of the cover, the number of copies, the interior, the distribution, the marketing and public relations. Self-publishing is not limited to books, but includes pamphlets, brochures and fanzines, as well. The quailty of these works varies considerably. MATERIAL also offers space for other forms of art (performances, concerts, workshops and exibitions).

Apprenticeship in real life setting


Module supervisors
Tamara Maggi, Lector (Media Monitoring), independent publisher (Editorial Sande), and part of a publisher-collective named "Material." 

Rada Leu, writer, freelance translator, artist, and part of a publisher-collective named "Material." 

Milenko Lazić, artist, publisher, writer, musician, and part of a publisher-collective named "Material."

Apprenticeship partner
Material. Room for book culture
Book shop, archive, stage, showroom

Location and Dates
Zurich, Material, Klingenstrasse, 8005 Zurich
Apprenticeship placements starting February 2018

The apprenticeship includes 150 hours student work load of which are 50 contact hours

5 (E)CTS
MAS Art & Society > CAS ART as AGENT > Apprenticeship: Independent Publishing

2500 CHF

Application deadline
Continual application. For a placement starting in February 2018: Application deadline is 12 January.