CAS Tools: Craft & Skills

Language Clinic
Mark Kyburz

The Language Clinic supports participants with producing written materials relevant to Art in Action. Typical texts include project abstracts, project descriptions, research papers, etc.

To build the skills and strategies needed to write confidently and effectively about art in action projects.

In addition to a compulsory induction and follow-up session (see Course Structure), individual or group mentoring tutorials are available (online or face-to-face) throughout the module.


Module supervisor
Mark Kyburz, PhD, is a professional editor and translator and has been teaching writing for over 20 years.

Location and dates
Toni-Areal, Zurich University of the Arts

15 and 16 March, 25 May

Plenary induction:
Thursday, 15 March 2018, 4:15 – 6 pm

Friday, 16 March 2018, 9:15 am - 12 noon, 2:15 - 6pm

Plenary follow-up:
Friday, 25 May 2018, 2 – 6 pm

Additionally: individual support. Available are tickets for 5, 10, 15,and 20 pages.

2 (E)CTS
Based on further tickets (individual support) up to a total of 5 (E)CTS are possible

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Entry requirements
Participants will be expected to complete a needs analysis and submit a sample of their writing.

Plenary sessions: 1000 CHF
Tickets for individual support available

Application deadline
28 February 2018