CAS Art as Agent: Theory & Awareness

Art as Agent

By Annemarie Bucher, with guest lecturers



Many art projects are demonstrating that art is used as a powerful agent in social, political, economic and other
contexts. This challenges both assessment and registration of art projects. Alfred Gell’s Art and Agency (1998) can be used to study art projects in this extended field. It provides a framework for analysing art as an active component and change maker in society.
This module introduces participants to relevant theories and projects to spur a continuative discussion. The following issues are central:

  • In what ways can art be an agent?
  • How do artists implement agency?
  • Relevant art projects and agents?

This module focuses on agency, relevant theories and art projects. It provides a theoretical input and a selection of art projects/artists working with social change to establish an understanding of art as agent. It guides participants through a tangle arguments to find/consolidate their own positions.

Module supervisor
Annemarie Bucher, art and landscape historian, consultant, curator. PhD in landscape theory at ETH Zurich. Affiliation: Zurich University of the Arts and Srishti, IN-Bangalore. Co-director FOA-FLUX and MAS Art & Society.

Workshop and project visits

2 (E)CTS