CAS Art as Agent: Study Tour
CO-HABITAT. Cooperative housing and alternative modes of living in Zurich
Simone Graf, Annemarie Bucher

Worldwide affordable and liveable housing has become a rare resource. It is not only the concentrated urbanisation, but also changing concepts of family and housing that promote the search for new solutions. One way to overcome the current crisis, which has many effects on even the core of urban societies, is a new architecture of the collective as it is practiced by residential building cooperatives.

Zurich looks back on a hundred year’s tradition of co-operative housing and still today the city pioneers innovative concepts with new aesthetics, novel characteristics of urban spaces creatively entangling working and living, and an alternative sharing economy. Nonetheless these exemplary co-operatives and investors operate with professional instruments and strategies to collaborate successfully with the city’s authorities.

This module provides firstly a selection of visits and analyses of outstanding projects in and around Zurich, realized over the past 15 years; and secondly a discussion on how to stimulate transformation in this field.

This module provides insights into exemplary cooperative housing projects and supports participants with strategies and practices relevant to collaborative art projects.

Study tour (Introduction and visits of case studies)


Module supervisors
Sabine Wolf, urban planner, PhD in landscape architecture, head of project platform for housing cooperatives in Zurich, initiator of several urban garden projects, editor in chief of anthos, journal for landscape architecture.  

Annemarie Bucher, art and landscape historian, consultant, curator. PhD in landscape theory at ETH Zurich. Affiliation: Zurich University of the Arts and Srishti, IN-Bangalore. Co-director FOA-FLUX and MAS Art & Society.

Location and Dates
18 — 23 June


2 (E)CTS
MAS Art & Society > CAS ART as AGENT > Study Tour: CO-HABITAT

1000 CHF

Application deadline
30 April 2018