CAS Practice Based Research: Research Project

Local Contexts & the Everyday. Researching with ALPP
Jay Koh

This module is conceptualised as an orientation in and immersive experiential study of local environments and everyday contexts, facilitated by experienced local host/s and together with stakeholders who have been actively engaging in activities with various communities. A series of colloquia will be convened to discuss and identify suitable theories and methodologies of engagement that are not currently recognised within the art studies: understanding and negotiating particular behaviour, listening to various view points and positions of relevance. Participants will learn how to observe and negotiate the verbal and non-verbal communicative elements within a locality and how to initiate the early stage of social interactions and learn how to be responsive to a new environment. These tasks will be carried out from the position of strangers or outsiders. Participants will document their research in a research diary.

This module supports the participants’ critical examination of local contexts through the lens and structures of local host/s and stakeholder/s. After initial discussions and exchanges, the narratives, activities and history that are presented from the perspectives of the host/s and stakeholder/s will be used to reference site visits and interactions with participants in everyday public spaces. Participants are encouraged to participate in a host’s project or activity as a form of deeper immersion and to carry out further discourses with the host and stakeholders in relation to the praxis learned in ALPP Praxis I and II.

Mentored research in real life settings

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Module supervisor
Jay Koh, DFA, artist-curator, evaluator, author of art-led participatory processes. Founder of international Forum of InterMedia Art/iFIMA. Organiser of collaborative conferences, projects. Advisor MAS Art & Society. Jay Koh has been teaching for over 15 years in Open Academy Programmes.
Jay Koh is artist and curator in residence at the Laboratorio Artístico de San Agustín, CUB-Havana.

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5 (E)CTS
MAS Art & Society > CAS PRACTICE BASED RESEARCH > Research Project: Local Contexts & the Everyday

2500 CHF

State run budget accommodation and meals at LASA. Expenses are paid separately.

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