CAS Practice Based Research: Practice Theory

The Field, the Researcher, and his*her Study Subjects

By Simon Graf, Annemarie Bucher



How are you as an agent/researcher in the field? What is your relation to the (human and non-human) study subjects? And vice versa? The problem of talking about the self and ones own field experience in a non-narcissistic manner and beyond (ethno-)centrisms has been discussed manifold. Pierre Bourdieu talks about “participant objectivation” meaning “objectivation of the subject of objectivation, […] in short of the researcher herself.” Such revertive perspectives are essential for any systematic field research, including new collaborative forms of data collection and representation.

This module raises awareness for unsettling questions on agency, participation, authorship, and its experiences.

After a short introduction to the topic and some theoretical reflections, we will discuss our own field notes and research positions. The focus lays on our own modes of operation in the field and on local contexts.

This module supports participants with methodological support in ethnographic research relevant to Art in Action. Typical texts include project abstracts, project descriptions, research papers, etc.

It is helpfull for building the skills and strategies needed to analyse and/or conceptualize an Art in Action project.

Module supervisors
Simon Graf, ethnographer, cultural theorist, historian. Cultural Studies, Writing Culture Debate, and Critical Masculinity Studies. Research on contemporary hegemonic masculinities. Lectureship at the ZHdK and the Ruhr University Bochum in the autumn semester 2017/18. Lives in the agglomeration of Zurich.

Annemarie Bucher, art and landscape historian, consultant, curator. PhD in landscape theory at ETH Zurich. Affiliation: Zurich University of the Arts and Srishti, IN-Bangalore. Co-director FOA-FLUX and MAS Art & Society. Lives in Switzerland.

With guests

Seminar, workshops
2 (E)CTS