Modules with application deadline 30 April 2018:

People's Tribunals. Performing Justice

Nanna Heidenreich | 4—8 JUN. 2018, ZURICH

This module provides an overview of how political, economic, and environmental justice is performed, staged, and framed in people’s Tribunals. Nanna Heidenreich is a theorist, writer, curator (film/video), working on the intersections of art and activism. PhD in cinema and the perspective of migration. Professor of Digital Narratives/Theory, ifs internationale filmschule köln.
Mon: 6—9 pm, Tue–Fri: 2—6 pm | For further information please click here.

Art Activism & Urban Movement in East Asia

Lee Chun Fung | 11—17 JUN. 2018, ZURICH
You will hear an activist’s overview of how art and culture has transformed throughout East Asia in the past 20 years.
Lee Chun Fung is an artist, curator and activist. Co-founder of Woofer Ten. Co-director of MAS Art & Society. Lives in Hong Kong and Taiwan.
Each day: 1:30–5 pm | For further information please click here.

CO-HABITAT. Cooperative housing and alternative modes of living in Zurich

Sabine Wolf & Annemarie Bucher | 18—23 JUN. 2018, ZURICH
This module is a study tour into the insights of Zurich’s cooperative housing projects and supports participants with strategies and practices relevant to collaborative art projects. Sabine Wolf is an urban planner, PhD in landscape architecture, head of project platform for housing cooperatives in Zurich, initiator of several urban garden projects, editor in chief of Anthos, a journal for landscape architecture. Annemarie Bucher is an art and landscape historian, consultant, curator. PhD in landscape theory at ETH Zurich. Affiliation: Zurich University of the Arts and Srishti, IN-Bangalore. Co-director of FOA-FLUX and MAS Art & Society.
Mon: 5—9 pm, Thu–Sat: 9 am – 5 pm | For further information please click here.

Modules with continuous application:

Independent Publishing Collectives

Apprenticeship in real life setting: Self-publishing or Independent-publishing: MATERIAL is specialized in publications without the involvement of an established publisher. The author therefore controls the entire process, including the design of the cover, the number of copies, the interior, the distribution, the marketing and public relations. Self-publishing is not limited to books, but includes pamphlets, brochures and fanzines, as well. The quailty of these works varies considerably. MATERIAL also offers space for other forms of art (performances, concerts, workshops and exibitions).
The duration of the apprenticeship (1—6 months) depends on how many (E)CTS you choose. For further information please clickhere.

Art Led Participatory Processes

This module introduces participants through a brief history of artists working in community contexts. It begins with the avant-garde, which emerged out from the modernist trajectory, moving forward into explorations of progressive movements as artists began working outside of studio and gallery spaces, and turning into public participatory, socially engaged and community art practices. The module examines some key differences between works coming out of this trajectory with those that have evolved from the democratisation processes after World War 2.
For further information please click here or contact us.

As long as we survive

JaF (Jatiwangi art Factory) | ONGOING, ID-JATIWANGI
More information soon to follow. Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you are interested in this module.