July 2018

MAS Art & Society Summer Newsletter

Dear Readers, 

Before leaving you for the summer, we wanted to update you with what has been recently happening with our programme and what is forthcoming in the next few months:  


What's been happening?

We had the pleasure of having Lee Chun Fung, Hong Kong activist and MAS Art & Society Co-head, visit us at ZHdK to engage our students in his module on Art Activism and Urban Movement in East Asia in the past 20 years.

Not only did Lee Chun Fung provide us with a great overview on the dynamic of art and cultural activism throughout East Asia in the past 20 years, he also drew attention to the urban problems behind it and it provided insight into the possible urban changes in the near future. Other hot topics such as the artist working reality, global gentrification, alternative spaces and trans-border activism were also topics raised during Lee Chun Fung’s one week module.

On-going Modules (CAS: Art as Agent)

Our MAS participants have the opportunity to sharpen their context sensitivity and gain hands-on practical experience with our apprenticeship partners in Hong Kong, Indonesia, and Switzerland. Our current Swiss partner is with Tamara Maggi, Rada Leu and Milenko Lazic  

Research Projects

Our MAS participants are focusing on their individual projects, which will help them develop their experience in designing, writing, and implementing research projects.


Upcoming Events

Please join us to support Natalia, one of our MAS Art & Society students, at the opening of her exhibition:
Grüsse aus Zürich. Impressions of a foreign city by exiled Colombian artist Natalia Sierra.
In her solo exhibition, Natalia will present her personal creations of postcards of Zurich that document her experiences with people, places, and objects in Zurich. The exhibition is curated by Tamara Maggi and takes place in the independent space for book culter:  MATERIAL ( For further information on Art & Society apprenticeships at MATERIAL, please see here.

MATERIAL, 8 August, 6 pm
Klingenstrasse 23, 8005 Zurich

MAPPING AND CONNECTING: Aerial Balloon Photography, an exhibition by our MAS students coming up in September.

We are very proud to announce that our MAS Art & Society students who participated in the DIWO Culture Module in February, have been selected to show their work at ZHdK’s “2018 HIGHLIGHTS” 

The students and DIWO/biohacking specialist Marc Dusseiller along with refugees seeking asylum in Zurich did aerial photography with balloons and Go Pros and mapped two refugee shelters in Zurich. The aim of the project was to spread awareness about refugee shelters in Zurich to people working and studying right next to them in Kulturcontainer Basislager, Aargauerstrasse and Toni-Areal.


Our 2019 Modules

Since launching the MAS Art & Society programme in January 2018, we have received  unexpected and overwhelming outreach from internationally prominant scholars wanting to teach at our programme, proving that our study programme is a very current topic and is attracting a lot of international interest. 

The definitive dates of our 2019 modules will be announced by the end of August on ZHdK’s website: and on Art & Society website:


Hong Kong and Zurich: A series of events starting in September 2018

We have the pleasure to announce that the MAS Art & Society in collaboration with FOA-FLUX and BÖOTES will host a series of talks starting in September 2018. More details to come soon!



Please do not hesitate to contact our Head Team if you wish to discuss parts of our study programme in more detail:

Dominique Lämmli , Lee Chun Fung, and Annemarie Bucher.

We wish everyone a wonderful summer and we look forward to welcoming you back in September!  

The MAS Art & Society Team