Co-creating livable futures. focuses on working with art in socio-cultural settings.

The platform provides open access to interviews, presentations, and methods of Art in Action. It also shares information on related joint learning and teaching activities. is part of the FOA-FLUX research hub and the not-for-profit micro-company mAiA GmbH.

FOA-FLUX is a research hub based in Zurich. FOA-FLUX runs inter- and transregional, art&research-informed, practice-based, practice-led projects and activities. FOA-FLUX works in partnership with individuals, institutions, and organisations worldwide. The FOA-FLUX activities are archived on

mAiA GmbH is a not-for-profit micro-company based in Zurich. mAiA GmbH undertakes projects emerging from FOA-FLUX research, as well as ones funded and commissioned by third parties. mAiA GmbH runs projects in the fields of research, R&D, action&research, education, development, production and distribution.