Expert workshops focusing on the evaluation criteria for art in social contexts with a focus on how to evaluate best practices.

Experimental Methodology of Playdepot - Initiative Approaches and its Impact on Evaluation

Chair: Leung Mee Ping


About Playdepot

Playdepot was founded based on the ideal concept between community manufactures and artists, creating various forms of playing for the locals. Through re-design and up-cycling, participating artists teamed up with the locals to give new life to industrial and household waste, simultaneously engaging everyone within the community (information taken from here).

Questions discussed

What are the responses of being an experimental group with funding in terms of considering your audiences, users and beneficiaries? For evaluating the outcome in various perspectives; who identifies the evaluation criteria? What is the impact evidence?


A detailed report of the expert workshop will be available in the Art & Society Talks compendium coming, coming in June 2019.