Since 2020 we integrate courses for co-arts-practitioners into projects focusing on regional development and art.
And, we design situation-specific formats and contents for educational institutions and other interested parties.

Terracotta Universe City

5 — 16 October 2020
Online seminar with students, faculty, and guests from Jatiwangi art Factory, Willem de Kooning Academy, Zurich University of the Arts.

A seminar on Jatiwangi art Factories (JaF) latest project Terracotta City for the MA Fine Arts at Zurich University of the Arts.
We developped the seminar design jointly with JaF and partner with Willem de Kooning Academy Rotterdam.
Part of the seminar is a series of talks which will be available online, starting November 2020.

During 2018 and 2019 we organized Continuing Education courses for the Zurich University of the Arts together with experts from our extensive FOA-FLUX network.