Terracotta Universe City

The talks were part of the seminar Terracotta Universe City  (TUC) at the Zurich University of the Arts, MA Fine Arts.
TUC’s objectives: Get to know the operating principles, mindsets, activities and initiatives of JaF, its members, and its ecosystems.

Ismal Muntaha: To Be Continued or the End: Soil Strategy for Development

Arief Yudi Rahman: Terracotta Society: A Presumption

Grace Samboh: Town, Intentions, and 'Seni Rupa Kita'

Ginggi Syarief Hasyim: Policy & Generosity, the State, Art, and All of Us

Alex Sihar: Cultural Economy

Tedi Nurmanto and Arie Syarifuddin: Sound System as a Trusted System
Dominique Lämmli: Local Knowledge Sharing and Co-Production

Loranita Theo and Bunga Siagian: Thinking of the Invisible: The Intimate, the Small, and the Sincere

Elisabeth von Samsonow: Loess Culture