Art in Action Research workshop

Date17 July 2022        Location Hübner Areal, documenta fifteen, Kassel, Germany

Kassel and Blantyre: 11 am – 2 pm

Bangalore: 2:30 – 5:30 pm

Thimphu: 3 – 6 pm

Jatiwangi: 4 – 7 pm

Hong Kong: 5 – 8 pm

Please feel free to join the workshop online or in person.

For online participation, please register here (embassy(at)

The workshop will be recorded.


Are you ready to create methodologies for your artistic research?

Do you want to share and further develop your practical know-how and knowledge as a collaborating art practitioner?

Join us and familiarize yourself with Art in Action research; listen to artists and researchers discuss their methods when exploring and changing realities; map the methods; share your know-how and get to know ways you can stay tuned for future Swiss Terracotta Embassy activities.

Swiss Terracotta Embassy is a project by Jatiwangi art Factory with FOA-FLUX (initiating partner).


Everyone present (online or in person), mapping the methods.

Elgea Balzarie, moderating, former director JaF.
Former director of Jatiwangi art Factory (2020-2021).

Ahmad Sujai, director JaF, welcome address.

He was awarded a BA degree in communication at the Muhammadiyah University, Cirebon, Indonesia. He has been a Jatiwangi art Factory member since 2017 and is the director of the community television JaF TV; co-initiated with Ika Yuliana the Pantura Library, an alternative library and book club focusing on youth and local literacy. Among other art projects and residencies he participated in Village Video Festival (2017) and West Java West Yorkshire Cooperative Movement Residency. His works include (digital) audio-visuals, experimental music, and texts. In 2020 he initiated the music project "Andthisway," merging local melodies with enamour beats. Since January 2021, Ahmad is the director of Jatiwangi art Factory (for two years).

Arie Syarifuddin, project lead Terracotta Embassy (JaF), presenting.

Also known as Alghorie. Artist, curator, cultural producer, designer, and director of the artist residency program at Jatiwangi art Factory (JaF). The arts collective Jatiwangi art Factory is based in the village Jatiwangi in West Java, which has been home to Indonesia's biggest roof-tile manufacturing centre. Established in 2005, JaF embraces contemporary arts and cultural practices rooted in local and rural life and discourses. Redesigning, hacking, giving values and dignity to the ordinary things, negotiating between fiction, dreams, reality, and everyday life, and especially historical readings inform Arie's work.

Dominique Lämmli, FOA-FLUX, initiating partner Swiss Terracotta Embassy, workshop lead.

Artist and philosopher. In 2021 she was awarded her PhD in Global Studies from Humboldt University of Berlin, for which her dissertation formulated the Art in Action Research (AiAR) framework. Dominique has worked as a professor of Drawing and Painting for ZHdK’s Master of Fine Arts programme since 2009. Since 2008, she has co-run the research micro-hub FOA-FLUX, which focuses on art and action as well as research in transregional settings (see also Art & Society, mAiA GmbH, and

Yiu Kwong Chu, presenting.

In 2016 Yiu Kwong Chu was awarded his PhD in Education from The Chinese University of Hong Kong, for which his dissertation focused on Re-presenting homeland through oral history: action research. Previously YK Chu taught in a secondary school and is now a lecturer of the Department of Education at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He co-founded the Society for Indigenous Learning (SoIL) in 2012 to promote eco-friendly farming and established One Leaf Cottage in 2016. He has collected memories and stories in Hong Kong villages through oral history projects and write songs to revitalize place value.

Babita Belliappa & Sfurti Dawle presenting.

Babita Belliappa is a design educator, story teller, traveller, wanderer and a home chef amongst other things. A curious and lifelong learner, Babita has worked with young and mature students alike. Her pedagogical approach is strongly framed by art, science, media, technology and literature. For the last few years, she has been working on a major art/science project called 'Moon Vehicle’ that was initiated as a cultural response to the Chandrayaan-1, the Indian spacecraft mission to the moon. Babita’s love for networking and talking to new people has led to the creation of special interest groups and learning communities such as Bangalore Steamers, meet-up groups and Summer Camps that enable engagement in experiential learning in non-school environments. Her work with local and vernacular language has enabled facilitators, to design their own personalised learning standards and evaluation methodologies.

Sfurti Dawle is a senior at Srishti School of Design, majoring in Visual Communication and Strategic Branding. She has previously worked as a creative strategist and helped craft brand identities for a variety of early stage startups. She is passionate about empowering change through leadership & design, and is inspired by stories and experiential learning across the world. At the moment, she is working at Meedi to understand how we can engage with divergent stakeholder priorities in harmony and harness the constraints of multiple stakeholders (not only users) to create value for business and society.

Nistiman Erdede, presenting.

Decolonial artist and curator. Nistiman was born in Silvan/TR and came to Switzerland as a political migrant in 2008 and since then lives in Zurich. From 2010 to 2014 he was a member of a collective associated with the Autonome Schule Zürich (ASZ), the Zurich University of the Arts, and other institutions. While still an asylum seeker, he applied to the Zurich University of the Arts and in 2016 was awarded the BA Fine Arts (focus: theory). Currently, he is working on his final thesis in MA Transdisciplinary. He co-founded MigrArt (2019) together with other refugees and curated the exhibitions "Fractured Spine" (2021), "Broken Constellation" (2016).

Pandu Rahadian
, presenting.

Pandu Rahadian grew up in the city of Majalengka and was awarded a Bachelor of Economics at the Majalengka University. He joined the Jatiwangi art Factory in 2013, where he worked as the director of the Forum 27 (Community consultation forum in Jatiwangi) until 2015. From 2015 to 2019 he managed the finances at JaF. The rapid change of the visual landscape around Jatiwangi has made Pandu interested in photographically documenting these changes. He documents contrasting images, such as rice fields and garment factories, and thus shows the patterns of Jatiwangi. Currently he is working on a thematic market project called Apamart, a monthly market with curated creative businesses of youngpreneurship. Pandu is also experimenting with dough in his bread kitchen, Roti Wangi.

Display Distribute, presenting.

A Thematic inquiry, distribution service, now and again exhibition space and sometimes shop operated by a roving cast of conceptual shop girls and co-conspirators. Seeping via the capricious circulation patterns of low-end globalisation into other subaltern networks and grammars, activities include the experimental infrastructure LIGHT LOGISTICS, poetic research and archival unit Shanzhai Lyric, the readers' digest publication『CATALOGUE』and a peripatetic radio programme of hidden feminist narratives known as Widow Radio Ching.

Suresh Kumar G, presenting.

Visual artist and performance artist, curator, arts facilitator, and arts mentor; with a special focus on community, public, and collective art projects. Graduated from College of Fine Arts, Bangalore, India, in 1997, and from Masters in Sculpture from College of Art, New Delhi, India, in 2000. Co-founder BAR1, the oldest Artist Residency in Bangalore; initiator of the artist initiative and collective "Samuha,"  the digital archive "Per-Fumes,"  and the curatorial project "Loopholes." Currently, Suresh works on the urban organic gardening projects, titled "DOUG." #SARJAPURACURRIES

Tedi Nurmanto, presenting.

Cup of Colour (Rahel Lam), presenting.

Many people live in difficult situations and environments. If they cannot expres themselves, it can leave them feeling alone and forgotten, powerless to change their circumstances. As Cup of Color, we share life with communities and invite them to paint walls with us. When people express themselves on a common canvas, they rediscover their voice and their ability to create change. Rahel Lam is the co-founder of Cup of Color and works as a photographer.; IG/Facebook

Lee Chun Fung
, presenting.

Artist, curator, and researcher based in Hong Kong. His research interests cover self-organised art practices, grassroots activism and politics of aesthetics. He is the co-founder of the community/art space "Woofer Ten" (2009-2015) and the research collective "Inter-Asia Woodcut Mapping" (2019 till now).

Miha Horvat, presenting.

Founding member of Sonda Foundation, a lecturer at the Transnational Guerilla Art School and part of the interdisciplinary laboratory GT22 in Maribor, Slovenia. Between 2010-2015 he led the program team of Cinema Udarnik, and between 2016-2018 he was curator of the International Festival of Computer Arts. He has a master's degree in art (University of Applied Arts Vienna) and is currently a doctoral student at Department of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology (Faculty of Arts Ljubljana). Key words of his interest and research are space, light, community, exchange, and sharing.,

Marc Dusseiller, presenting.

Ming, presenting.
Rempah Embassy.

Pithamber Polsani, discussing.

Pithamber Rao Polsani is a researcher, an educator, a writer, and an organizer with 30+ years of academic and corporate experience. As a teacher and a scholar Pithamber cultivated multidisciplinary learning and expertise. As a researcher he focuses on the junctures and zones of overlap between disciplines, which include art / literature / psychoanalysis, philosophy / popular culture / technology, architecture/web environments and others. Pithamber has studied, taught, and published in multiple disciplines: philosophy, education, technology, management, arts, literature, and Spanish literature. His latest publications include Radical City: Possibilities for an India City (Sage, 2021) Neoliberalism and the Urban Transformation in India (Penguin, forthcoming).

Alma Noka Alesandro, technical support.

Was born and raised in Jatiwangi, the historical roof-tile production site in Indonesia. He has been working as a photographer, archiver, and documentarist for Jatiwangi art Factory. Since 2015 he has been the official photographer of Hanyaterra, a ceramic music group.

Lauro Nächt, FOA-FLUX intern, chat moderating.

Student in landscape & architecture. Prior to pursuing a MSc in Landscape Architecture at ETH Zurich, he graduated from the Vienna University of Technology with a BSc in Architecture. His current, collaborative practice on novel ecologies explores the city as a site of ecological trauma – where in turn, processes of regeneration reveal the earth as infra-, possibly ultrastructure.