On the evaluation criteria for art in social contexts with a focus on how to evaluate best practices.

Expert workshops, by invitation and open call.
Chairs: Lau Kin Chi, Jay Koh, Leung Mee Ping, Him Lo, Alex Tam Hok Nang, Yang Yeung, Yu Bellini Guy Tse.

27 October 2018, @Boötes Hong Kong

TALK #2 (evaluation)
29 September 2018, @Boötes Hong Kong

TALK #3 (evaluation)
24 November 2018, @Boötes Hong Kong

TALK #4 (evaluation)
23 February 2019, @Boötes Hong Kong

Holding Space for Uncertainty

Chair: Alex Tam Hok Nang

TALK #5 (evaluation)
30 March 2019, @Boötes Hong Kong

Are there any internal and external criteria for criticality?

Chair: Jay Koh

TALK #6 (evaluation)
27 April 2019, @Boötes Hong Kong

TALK #7 (evaluation)
25 May 2019, @Boötes Hong Kong

Art development projects for people with intellectual disability in a rehabilitation organization

Chair: Yu Bellini Guy Tse